In the work development of the UNESCO Chair, both in the planned actions planned and in the contribution to projects or in collaboration with others, there are some keywords that are the expression of guiding ideas: community of knowledge, landscape’s generative narrative, external landscapes/inner landscapes, embodied knowledge

These ideas are both precise references as well as grounds to explore, and are for the UNESCO Chair some Experimentation Fields. These ideas constitute the framework within which the plots of the discourse of the UNESCO Chair take shape, the coordinates on which the very structure of the UNESCO Chair rests, and they are also topics that sometimes become lines of investigation, sometimes defining its approach, method, instrumentation.

For the UNESCO Chair they are at the same time the guiding ideas and the lines of investigation. They are the rails on which the research of the UNESCO Chair moves. 

It is the development of a method, procedures, tools with which to observe the landscape. The landscape is the privileged object of the survey of the UNESCO Chair, with which to meet our world with the aim of orienting our gaze to sustainable development.