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WUC - Workshop of UNESCO Chair / Landscape Generative Narrative of the Mediterranean and WUC Presidia Network

Within the “Mediterranean Landscape Observatory“, which is a working line of the UNESCO Chair, the WUC programme is oriented to the knowledge and enhancement of the variety of the characteristics of the Mediterranean landscape and to the reading/facilitation of the identity processes of the places, operating through the instrument of “Generative Narrative“. The narrative language used is the audiovisual language of the film. The WUC program is implemented through the WUC Presidia and the WUC Presidia Network. The UNESCO Chair of the University of Basilicata is the Presidium with the role of proposing the program and coordinating the Network.

With the WUC program, the training activities of the UNESCO Chair are part of the ordinary teaching activities provided by the University of Basilicata, and the training is directed through the various Presidia that implement the WUC program, helping to spread knowledge and operational commitment to the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In 2017 there was the first edition of the WUC program (acronym that stood for “Weeks of UNESCO Chair”, later transformed into “Workshop of UNESCO Chair”) and, as a pilot edition, it was carried out in a single Presidium, that of the UNESCO Chair of the University of Basilicata. The title of the workshop in 2017 was “Mediterranean Landscapes as Workshops of Sustainability and Peace: Audiovisual Narrations of the Murgia of Blades and Gravine“. 

The 2017 edition of the “WUC-Weeks of UNESCO Chair” was the first activity of the UNESCO Chair, which started the program of actions starting from a training activity, focused on the theme of the narration of the Mediterranean Landscape. This activity was carried out during the whole month of March and was attended by 50 students from the University of Basilicata and 70 speakers, tutors, specialists and professionals. At the end of the training course the students made 7 short films.

In 2019 the second edition of the WUC programme was held in the new format of the Presidia Network. The Presidium of the UNESCO Chair of the University of Basilicata created the program with the theme “Mediterranean Landscapes and Peripheries as laboratories of sustainability and peace: audiovisual narrations of Venosa”. 

The workshop coincides with the course of your choice entitled Cultural Landscapes of the Mediterranean and Knowledge Communities – UNESCO Chair (ICAR 18 disciplinary scientific sector, from 3 training credits, academic year 2018-19) provided by the Architecture Studies Course of the University of Basilicata in Matera). 35 students and 35 speakers participated.

The UNESCO Municipal Library of Venosa, by agreement with the city council, houses in the castle a detached seat of the UNESCO Chair. The Library collaborated in the organization of the WUC 2019 workshop, and some of the activities were held at its headquarters in the castle of Venosa. The director of the Library of Venosa, Ezio Lavorano, also gave a lecture in the workshop.

Among the activities of the workshop there was the performance of Sista Bramini, Viaggio di Psiche (from Amore e Psiche di Apuleio) with his Teatro Natura O Thiasos, which deals, through the narration of the evocative word, the theme of the wandering of the Soul to join with Love, sensitizing to the listening of nature. With the Teatro Natura O Thiasos of Sista Bramini, the UNESCO Chair has started a dialogue for the education of sensitive listening to nature, with the intention of organizing activities in collaboration.

Microsoft PowerPoint - WUC 2019 - Lavorano [Sola lettura]

In the workshop Pierluigi Castellano, creator of 2 episodes of the RAI Storia documentary “Voci di una terra – Basilicata“, gave a lecture. Some episodes of “Voci di una terra – Basilicata” were also attended by some members of the UNESCO Chair (Angela P. Colonna, Ferdinando Felice Mirizzi, Mauro Vincenzo Fontana).

Documentary set of RAI Storia “Voci di una terra – Basilicata”

The workshop also hosted two appointments of the program “Foreshadow the future: methods and techniques to enhance hope and planning” of the 2019 edition, a project of Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti per lo Sviluppo e la Comunicazione, partner of the UNESCO Chair.

In 2020 the WUC workshop of the Presidium of the UNESCO Chair of the University of Basilicata, which coincides with elective course entitled Paesaggi culturali del Mediterraneo e comunità di saperi – Cattedra UNESCO (scientific disciplinary field ICAR 18, from 6 training credits, academic year 2019-20) has as its title Matera Resilient City

WUC Presidia Network

At the invitation of the UNESCO Chair of the University of Basilicata, 4 WUC Presidia have already been established at Italian and foreign universities (University of Bari “A. Moro” – Department of Education, Psychology, Communication;  University of Calabria – Department of Humanistic Studies – Rende; Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Estudos Medievais Meridianum – Florianopolis – Brazil; Universidad Católica de Bolivia “San Pablo” – Department of Design, Reaserch Center on Patrimonial Studies – La Paz – Bolivia); 1 Presidium at the Istituto Comprensivo G. Minozzi – N. Festa di Matera; 1 Presidium at the I.I.S. “G. PEANO” – Liceo Classico di Viggiano (with the candidacy of the project of the School Institute, as WUC Presidium, to the Call 3 – Training and cultural promotion in schools promoted by the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers – SIAE); 1 Presidium at Rete Cinema Basilicata – Basilicata; 1 Presidium at the Matrix Committee (for the local development of the Bormida Valley, in Piedmont) as Coordination Group (together with Italia Nostra Sezione di Alessandria and the Wise Places Association) – Turin; 1 Presidium at Noeltan srl – Società Cinematografica – Rome and Potenza.

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