UNESCO CHAIR on Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes and Communities of Knowledge
CATTEDRA UNESCO in Paesaggi Culturali del Mediterraneo e Comunità di Saperi
University of Basilicata – Matera – Italy
Università degli Studi della Basilicata – Matera – Italia

A profound, epistemological change is underway, which some acute observers see as the transition to a new era characterized by the centrality of knowledge. To face actual challenges it is necessary to rethink all knowledge in function of a culture of peace and sustainability. Education becomes central in this direction, as well as the ability to activate a dialogue among different cultures, between different experiences, as it is between traditional knowledge and new technologies, and from heritage to project and aspiration. 

These are all strategic objectives for the evolution of our species. Through the topic of cultural landscape, the local context, the city of Matera, and the regional context, the Mediterranean, can assume, based on characteristics and circumstances, the role and responsibility of mediation and orientation. Orienting to the dialogue among civilizations for the peaceful coexistence, for the exploitation of the knowledge deriving from the millenary stratification of human settlement in function of sustainability, for participation: with the UNESCO Chair of the University of Basilicata we intend to contribute to this objective. 

The UNESCO Chair aims to be a laboratory of ideas and a place of experimentation on the theme of cultural landscapes for a sustainable management of heritage and for the identities care of places and for a growth of awareness, participation and responsibility of individuals and communities.