ERT 2019 on “Community Knowledge and Sustainability Paradigm – The devices and practices, policy ideas, the laboratory”, WORKSHOP – SEMINARY/ROUND TABLE – CONFERENCE, Matera, 12-14 December 2019

On December 12, 13 and 14, 2019, the activities of study, debate and comparison were held during the three days “ERT – Educazione Ricerca Territorio” of the UNESCO Chair. The initiative, entitled “Community of knowledge and paradigm of sustainability: devices and practices, ideas for policies, the laboratory” is divided into three distinct activities: one that concerns education, one related to research and comparison between disciplines, and one for the impact on the territory. For the three activities, intertwined with each other, different forms are used: the form of the WORKSHOP for the first activity, the educational one, with the subtitle “The devices and practices”; the form of the SEMINAR/ROUND TABLE for the second activity, the one dedicated to research and dialogue between knowledge and between institutions, with the subtitle “Ideas for politics”; the form of the CONFERENCE for the third activity, the one dedicated to the fallout on the territory, with the subtitle “The laboratory”, where the laboratory is for the realization of the Sassi Observatory for the management of the UNESCO site of Matera, an instrument foreseen by the Management Plan of the same. The three days were held in different locations in Matera and had, from time to time, different curators and different speakers, from the world of schools, research, institutions and associations.